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Three Relaxing Games To Play This Fall

Autumn's here, and with it comes all the best things about the season: cozy fires, warm drinks, and relaxation. 

If you're looking to unwind this fall by doing something other than drinking pumpkin spice lattes and watching Netflix all day, we've got you covered. This list of casual indie games is perfect for anyone looking to take it easy this season. 


  1. SNKRX 

SNKRX is a newer addition to the world of casual indie games, but it’s already making a big splash. This cute and colorful arcade shooter rogue-lite is the perfect game to pick up for a few quick rounds. Combine and control different heroes to create unique builds and class bonuses as you make your way through an endless number of enemies. With casual yet challenging gameplay, SNKRX is perfect for anyone looking to kill some time this fall. 


  1. Core Keeper

In the mood for a bit of exploration? Then you'll love Core Keeper by Pugstorm and Fireshine Games. It takes players on an engaging journey through an underground cavern full of creatures, relics, and resources. Mine, build, fight, craft, and farm your way to uncovering the mystery of the ancient Core on your own or with up to eight friends. This title is ideal for players looking for a game they can sink their teeth into without getting too frustrated. 


  1. Temtem

A Pokemon-inspired, colorful adventure, Temtem is ideal for those looking for a fantastical getaway this fall. Immerse yourself into the gorgeous Airborne Archipelago to find and catch Temtem, battle other tamers and customize your house. As a multiplayer game, Temtem also lets you join friends on shared adventures or explore the online world together. 


Whether you're looking for a quick fix or an extended escape, these three casual games are perfect for anyone wanting to relax this autumn. They're all available for download on Steam, and we highly recommend giving them a try. So, grab a blanket, pour yourself a mug of cider, and enjoy some much-needed downtime with one (or all) of these titles. Enjoy! 


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