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What Social Platforms Are Best Suited For Indie Game Promotion


So - you've built an indie game. And it's pretty awesome. But what now? How do you reach the right people, get your name out there, and ensure that as many gamers as possible know about your hard-earned creation? 


The answer is simple - market your game and do so through the best channels available. Read on for a breakdown of the most worthwhile social platforms to promote your indie project on in 2023. 



Reddit has established itself as a go-to spot for gamers of all kinds. Hardcore players, developers, and general enthusiasts turn to the platform to post, share news, and talk shop. As such, it's a great place to promote your game and drive interest. 


The key to success on Reddit? Participation. Like any other social network, you need to take time to engage in conversations and build relationships with the community to be more effective in promoting your game. 



If Reddit is where gamers go to talk, Twitter is where they go to get the latest news. For indie developers, Twitter is a potent tool to spread awareness of their projects and even track responses in real-time. 


Take advantage of Twitter lists to curate content you want to see and create feeds for various topics related to your game. Additionally, don't be afraid to use the platform for more than just promotional purposes - show your personality, share interesting tidbits about the development process, and thank your players for their support. 



TikTok is a relatively newer platform, but it has gained immense popularity in the gaming community. With its light-hearted approach to content and ability to easily create brief, entertaining videos and gifs, TikTok is an excellent way to get gamers interested in your game. 



 When it comes to promoting your indie game, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. You'll need to experiment with different social networks and platforms to figure out what works best for you. However, by taking advantage of the channels mentioned above - Reddit, Twitter, and TikTok - you should be able to successfully market your game and reach the right people. 


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