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Top 5 Most Popular Indie Game Genres

Top 5 Most Popular Indie Game Genres

You’ve got to love the world of indie gaming. Prolific with creativity and ideas, there’s nothing that you can’t find out there. Want to navigate and explore a lost mythical world? A game exists for that. In need of adventure and fancy trekking up a dangerous mountain? There’s a game for that too. However, within the broad range of individual concepts, there are to choose from, there are some commonalities that almost any two games can share, such as genre. The following are the five most prominent genres you should know in the indie game space.


1. RPG

A Role-Playing Game, commonly referred to as RPG, is a genre of video games in which players are aimed at advancing through a story’s quest. This procession will often give a character or party of characters experience that improves their abilities and attributes as they work towards their goal. RPGs are very popular, mainly for the reason that the player becomes fully invested in the story and characters. After all, it’s your responsibility to see them through to the end.


2. Fighting Games

As their name would entail, fighting games center around the concept of combat-based gameplay. They position players to test their strategy, skill, and style against opponents in a fast-paced environment that is not unlike the real-life concept of fighting.


3. Platform Games

A platform video game, or platformer, is one that is designed so that players control characters who jump, climb, or navigate between different barriers and objects on a screen. Platformers often put an emphasis on timing and precision, as well as reflexes, to clear each section of the game.


4. RTS

Real-time strategy, or RTS, is a game genre that follows a time-based structure, and typically involves using resources to build and develop units. These units are then used to battle it out with enemy forces in an attempt to achieve victory. RTS games often have multiple ways to win, giving players the freedom to experiment with different strategies. They’re also easy to learn but difficult to master, making them perfect for those who enjoy a challenge.


5. Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are designed to test the player’s problem-solving abilities. They often take the form of tile-matching games, in which players have to align pieces on a grid to clear them, or logic games, in which players have to solve problems using deduction. Many puzzle games are also designed to be relaxing and therapeutic, providing a mental break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

As you can see, whether you’re into games that involve logic, agility, strategy, or anything else imaginable, there’s an indie game genre for you. And if there isn’t one already, there’s almost certainly one in development.


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