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5 Habits of Successful Video Game Developers


What makes a video game developer successful? 

Plenty of start-up capital?  

Years of experience in the industry?  

Backing from experts and mentors?  

Sure, those can all help, but it really comes down to one word: habit.  


Habits make or break projects of all sizes, scopes, and status. The right ones are a common denominator in every success story. In this article, we’ll outline the top five habits all game developers should have when looking to make their endeavors successful.  



Virtually every successful person out there - from Henry Ford to Elon Musk - has encountered failure or challenges at some point. What sets them apart from everyone else? The fact that they didn’t give up. Development can be undoubtedly difficult, but refusing to give in to the obstacles it presents is the best thing you can do to improve your chances of succeeding.  



Great successes rise early and make the most out of every day. They also get enough sleep and make due effort to maintain their well-being. It’s an irrefutable balance that must be struck in order to work in both a practical and productive way.  


Unwavering Desire to Learn 

The great thing about the gaming and technology industry is that it’s constantly evolving. What may have passed as cutting-edge twenty years ago is considered archaic today, and what we consider groundbreaking now may be completely obsolete by 2042. That’s why it’s essential for developers to make a habit out of learning. By making a dedicated effort to stay up to date on the latest trends and forecasts in the industry, you can ensure your ability to position your projects for success today and in the future.  


Positive Attitude 

This point builds on the first one we mentioned earlier. A positive attitude, through the triumphs and hard times, is pivotal to making your project successful. Negativity is an infectious disease - don’t let it fester and impact your ambition.  


Time Management 

Time management is an important habit to have regardless of your profession. It is a significant determinant of how effectively you’re able to create value from the circumstances you have and can likewise have an impact on how sustainable they are.  


While chance may have some role to play in success as a game developer, what greatness comes down to is the mindset used when pursuing it. Hopefully, this article served as a starting point for you to evaluate your approach for the better. Remember, the outcome you’re looking for exists - all that’s missing is the right combination of tools to realize it. 


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